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Friday 9.2.2018
Researchers' presentations

16:00 Opening - Opening words, Vesa Halava, University of Turku.

17:00 Seminar presentations - 20-40 min presentations + 10 min discussion - Apply with your topic

Confirmed presentations:
- Research results of the research group Moralities of Intelligent Machines. Michael Laakasuo, Cognitive scientist, Ph.D, M.Sc. University of Helsinki.
- Jaana Parviainen. Philosophy, Ph. D. University of Tampere. 
- Lean Theology for AI Developers? Framing a Research Question. Minna Näsman. Theology, Ph. D. Åbo Akademi.
- Sex robots and ethical concerns. Mika Koverola, Cognitive scientist, MA, doctoral candidate. University of Helsinki.
- Ali Imran. AI and Copyright. Law, doctoral candidate. University of Turku.

22:00 Evening program

Saturday 10.2.2018
Students' presentations

11:00 Open discussion and breakfast
13:00 Presentations - 45min presentations + 15 min discussion

- Otto Sahlgren. Philosophy, University of Tampere. Philosophy of language: analysis on AI.
- Antti Salo. Computer science, University of Turku. 
- Juho Vaiste. Philosophy, University of Turku. Building artificial moral agents. A concrete and practical approach.
- Pyry Aho. Psychology, University of Turku. Utilizing the potential of AI towards human well-being.

15:00 Lunch
16:00 Presentations continue

18:00 Discussion and workshop for understanding and developing the field of theoretical AI
20:00 Art and culture: Where are you going, AI?
22:00 Evening program

Sunday 11.2.2018
12:00 Wrap-up session: Summary of the seminar content and guidelines for the future